Natural, fresh color palettes from random beautiful images

ImagesHues is a tool for designers and illustrators to pick and save natural color palettes from random beautiful Unsplash images.
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Hi friends! As a designer and illustrator I often draw inspiration and set the mood from images, especially from nature. ImageHues was created to make this process easier. The website picks random beautiful images from unsplash and auto-generates color palette from the image capturing the overall mood. The user can click on a color to copy the color code and can also save the color palette by clicking the heart icon. Currently I've limited the number of images per load in order to reduce cognitive overload. Let me know your thoughts on this simple application and share it with your friends if you loved it. Cheers :)
Thank you for sharing the results of your work, @vaisakh_pradeep! The idea of your product is fabulous. With this design tool, I can try using new beautiful palettes for my data visualization projects. All of them are pleasing to the eye. I was wondering whether you consider adding the ability to upload pictures by users? This way it would be convenient to generate palettes based on the favorite pictures. Searching for a picture that is similar to the one you have may be a long process. It would be also great to add the filtering feature to enable users to filter pictures by a mood/hues/ etc. I wish you success in the further development of the product!
@veronika_rovnik Thanks a lot for the feedback. Currently the website is static, so it's not possible to save new images, I'll surely consider the upload feature when I make this website dynamic. The filter feature is a great idea too. Thanks for the support :)