Image Blur

Hide your sensitive data with a click


Using an image with sensitive data - image or information - you need to hide? Image blur is your solution. Upload image, blur and hide your sensitive data, download and use it. No login needed, free forever.

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Mike Kosulin
Ishai Ankri
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  • Sebastián Alvarez
    Sebastián AlvarezConnecting API wires

    Simple, fast, solve problem without heavy software



    It's not a cons, maybe a nice feature to add in the future, marking more than one are and then press Blur and you get all blurred at once.

    But I love this, will use it.

    Sebastián Alvarez has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    So easy to use


    blur isn't enought, wanna pixelated mode :)

    We need:

    - extension

    - high blur level

    Mike Kosulin has used this product for one day.