IFTTT bot on Telegram

The first messaging app to be fully integrated with IFTTT

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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
This is probably one of the best and most interesting applications of a bot platform to date — connecting IFTTT to Telegram to facilitate web and internet of things interactions within Telegram channels, threads, and group messages!

Starting today, you can link your Telegram account with more than 360 other services by setting up “If This Then That” integrations (or “Applets”). This works with anything from social networks like Twitter and Instagram, to productivity tools like Gmail or Pocket, entertainment apps like Spotify or Pinterest, cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, and Internet of Things devices like Nest, LIFX, or Philips Hue.

Telegram is the first messaging app to be fully integrated with IFTTT. Unlike most services, we allow two-way interactions: You can control other services via Telegram, or receive notifications and content like photos and videos when they do something.

You can also invite the @IFTTT bot to any of your groups so members can collaboratively interact with your services or devices.

To get started, talk to the @IFTTT bot, then enable some Applets or create your own. Since the IFTTT platform supports over 360 services, endless combinations are possible. Here are just a few examples:

  • • Get a Telegram message when important emails arrive.
  • • Whenever you are mentioned on Twitter, send the tweet to Telegram.
  • • Every time you post a new Instagram photo, share it with a Telegram chat.
  • • Share tracks you add to a Spotify playlist with a Telegram group or channel.
  • • Message @IFTTT on Telegram to change the color of your Hue lights.
  • • Automatically tweet new posts from your Telegram channel.
  • Check out the IFTTT website for a full list of existing Telegram Applets and don’t hesitate to create your own.

    Robert Jorge
    Robert Jorge@deleted-420456
    Oh man. This is awesome.
    Matt Horton
    Matt Horton@mattahorton · Product Manager, Capital One
    This is great, but I want it for Facebook Messenger :/
    Tin Hang Liu
    Tin Hang Liu@tin_hang_liu · Founder & CEO of Open Motors®
    Amazing feature, congrats! I love Telegram
    Raitis@makerraitis · Maker at makerraitis.com
    Wow, I always liked Telegram, but pairing with my favorite automation tool takes it to a whole new level!