Ideally 3.0

Shopping app with a sale assistant for thousands of brands.

Major overhaul with the v3 releases. Ideally is the only shopping app you'll ever need - thousands of brands/retailers, free shipping, and free returns!

Easily "Buy Now" within the app, heart products to create a curated Idea List, or add to your Sale Assistant. The platform tracks prices and promos, automatically buying when there's a sale.

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David Gudai
Co-Founder, Ideally
Hey PH! We're super excited to share the v3 of Ideally with you all. For the last couple years, our team has been on a mission to make the perfect shopping app - this 3rd generation of Ideally certainly isn't "perfect", rather marking another giant step closer. There are three firsts that the newest version of the Ideally app features: 1) An auto-organizing Idea List - as you heart more products, this section of the app automatically organizes and re-organizes to aid discovery. 2) A Sale Assistant - tracks prices and promotions, automatically buying for you when possible. It's more than a sale alert or price drop notification, the platform can actively purchase for you so you'll never miss out. 3) Personalization - even more tightly woven into the experience, from the strip of brands on your Discover tab to a "Hide" button on individual products where you can remove products / brands, the app gets smarter as you interact. Learn more at Let us know what you think!
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