Iconspace 2.0

Creative Sources for Designer

Iconspace is a creative source for designer by providing tons of illustration and icon to make designer's work easier and faster.
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Hi @everyone! After released our first premium product called Senja last year, we had a lot of feedbacks from 500+ designers and developers that used our product to provide more icon sets and illustrations. Since then, we tried to create some illustration template and put it randomly in a few marketplaces around the internet. Surprisingly, it had very good feedback, again! So now we put all things together under Iconspace to make everything easier to reach. So here is Iconspace version 2.0, a creative source for designers! We're offering a 30% discount for all of our products, special for producthunters! Use this code: producthunt30 . Look forward to receiving your feedback!
Whats new in this update?
@aaronoleary We were only an icon set before, and now we build something more like a marketplace for more products. If you want to see our last-year work you can visit it here Senja Icon Set from Iconspace.

the product was really well made by designer and easy to use


the web is so clean and the icon and illustration was made really well


iconspace 2.0 was good one and i think they will upgrade step by step

Thanks a lot for the review!