Premium flat icon bundle: complete, customizable & evolutive

Thousands premium flat icons for pro website, app & minimalist UI/UX
Complete: PNG, SVG (source), SVG (for font), font files (eot-ttf-woff-svg) and developper toolkit (CSS-SASS/SCSS-LESS-STYLUS)
Evolutive: Free update every month + Free custom icons on demand.
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1 Review5.0/5
iconsbag - v2.2 - January 10, 2020 2000 Premium flat icons organised in popular categories for professional websites, apps & minimalist UI/UX. Purchase product (no need to create an account): https://gumroad.com/l/iconsbag/ We want to offer a product of the best possible quality. If you want to make feedback, suggestions, more icons... ask us and we will do our best :) Official website: https://www.iconsbag.com/ Bundle full preview: https://www.iconsbag.com/all-icons/ Free icons (brands & social networks): https://www.iconsbag.com/free-ic... Free custom icons on demand: https://www.iconsbag.com/custom-... Le site et la documentation sont aussi disponibles en Français: https://www.iconsbag.com/fr/