Icons8 Photos 2.0

GitHub for photos. Create stock photos together.

Icons8 Photos combines machine learning and professional photography to build up a creative community. Use a variety of models, objects, and backgrounds and customize photos together with other creators. Just like developers do on GitHub.
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12 Reviews5.0/5
I've been using Icons8 Photos for over a year, and when I need photos of people, it's my fav. First of all, due to the diversity of models that has significantly grown throughout this period. The idea to integrate Photo Creator right into the photo stock and let users change the photos is a real killer. That's what will make my work much faster and more exciting. What's more, I am really keen to see the resource transformation into a creative community - feels like real fun. Keep rocking, guys!
I like the pics in the Kinfolk-style. But the recomposing feature is revolutionary!
Observed this AI's backstage development from the very beginning. Was so crappy at the start, resulted in such a fantastic result in the end! My most profound respect and congratulations with the launch!
@victor_krylov hah, it still crappy sometimes - . But the tasks have changed.
@victor_krylov @nastya_grebneva love this Metropolis look
Awesome product!