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iA Writer is a clean, focused writing space that has redefined writing on Mac and Android. Now, the original app is coming to Windows.

Yorick Dupon
Oliver Reichenstein
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  • Pros: 

    Looks Good

    Feels Great

    Really Productive

    Not Distracting

    Modern and minimal


    cant think of anything

    I was long waiting for ia writer for windows, Really relieved there is an answer to that finally.would be more happy if it was a UWP app

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Arik Fraimovich
Arik Fraimovich@arikfr · Creative Geek. Founder, Redash.
So great seeing this great product coming to a new platform. Maybe in the future a Linux version too? :-)
Oliver Reichenstein
Oliver ReichensteinHunter@reichenstein
@arikfr Let’s do one step at a time :)