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Submit app ideas. We choose one idea per month and build it.


We're an online community run by an app studio where anyone can submit app ideas. We (the app studio) will choose one winning idea per month (crowdsourced by the community) and build it.

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Tom the idea bomb

The whole app idea thing has been done countless times before, but what makes I Wish unique is that it appears to be backed by an app studio that says they'll choose one of our ideas to build each month. Time will tell if that's truly the case, but it can't hurt to submit your idea for the possibility.


Just posted my app idea about exercise gamification - hope you guys build it!


None so far


I imagine this going to the next level: automatically filtering and raking ideas and then maybe crowdfunding them. Otherwise it's just a braindumped list of quick ideas.


- interesting core idea


- why do I have to sign up / log in?

- this is feature creep taken to the next level


What I'm missing here is two sections:

1) Exisitng apps / similar apps section - when commenting I would like to submit links to app store of stuff that is done or similiar (links could also be upvoted/downvoted)

2) tagging - too many dating ideas, would like to filter them out, would be lovely to have similar tagging system as StackOverflow


very cool idea


too simple at the moment, lack of social login

PM & Entrepreneur

You made our list of the most exciting product of Product Hunt this fall http://bionic-app.com/2018/01/26...


Users get to see something they want come to fruition. The company gets a flow of ideas and users who are raising their hands with demand.


Not a con, but more of a question, how do you deal with spam? Inappropriate comments or posts?

abandoned :/