I'm Playing Pokémon Go

A t-shirt shop for fans of Pokémon Go.

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Hey Product Hunt! After a subtle nudge from PH’s Twitter account, we’re posting our ‘lil Pokemon GO Shirt shop, with its first 2 designs. It’s a humble side project I spent some of yesterday working on with my buddy from Scotland, @peterjdonoghue. We had been speaking about whether groups we had seen were playing Pokemon Go or not, and thought that a shirt could be a cool way to distinguish between. It can also be useful if you're setting up a Pokémon Go event somewhere and need t-shirts to help keep people organized. We’re shipping worldwide, and testing out a few nerdy API’s with this project as well, so excited to see how things go. We're also going to be unveiling new shirt designs over the week, so keep checking back at the website and our Twitter Account @implaypokemongo. And one more thing! We have a special discount for today. Enter the code "pokehunt" on checkout when buying a shirt for 20% off your purchase. Also, free shipping in the US! 🎊 Thanks for checking it out in advance!
Hey PH, Just following up from what Nikhil said, Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm right now, and this is a fun way to show off that you're involved, and not looking at your phone in public for any other reason! We'll have new designs up soon. Let us know what you think :)
Hey PH! We've actually changed things up a bit. To give a more unique spin on the t-shirts, we've designed our own custom t-shirts. Check them out now on the site https://implayingpokemongo.com/! Any feedback is appreciated :)