I Hate My Spreadsheet

We'll turn your spreadsheet into a custom online database


I Hate My Spreadsheet is a new campaign from the makers of Fieldbook. We've noticed that many people love the advanced features of Fieldbook, but don't know how to reorganize their spreadsheet to take advantage of them. So we're offering to take anyone's ugly, frustrating spreadsheet and turn it into a tidy, delightful Fieldbook database—for free.

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Fayssal JILANI
Cheryl Cash
Alexandr Savinov
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  • Pros: 

    Easy, intuitive, TONS of helpful videos...totally awesome


    Slight learning curve, but I'm pretty sure they have a video for that!

    Fieldbook just does it all. From simple forms to complicated calculations Fieldbook has a solution. Drag and drop functionality, clean interface, super support. Stop reading and just go buy it.

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  • Fayssal JILANI
    Fayssal JILANICEO Telematik

    easy intuitive cloud


    Nothing I think

    I use it everyday & it saves my life and money

    Fayssal JILANI has used this product for one year.