I Am a Blogger

17 stories about how online creators earn a living

For too many people, blogger is a derogatory term. But for us creators, it explains how we earn a living, so we’re taking the word back and re-defining it with this project.

We spent the last year traveling to find 17 of the most unique creators earning a living online.

Now, we're telling their stories with this beautiful book and video series.

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Hey everyone! Spoiler alert, I work for ConvertKit (but didn't work on this project). I was able to get sneak peeks of the project as it was built. It was inspiring to see so many stories from creators who were earning a living doing work they cared about and be supported by their fans. Each story here helps peel back the layers of "what does it mean to earn a living online?" and "are you one of those make money on the internet people?". One of my favorite stories is Dave, a high school teacher. With his books, courses, and speaking tours, Dave earns DOUBLE his teacher salary with his online business. But he's still teaching! For him a thriving business wasn't an escape, but an opportunity to continue doing work he cared about but didn't pay as well. It's a reminder to me that being a creator and defining your own work doesn't always mean "escaping" a job you hate. It can also be a way to stay in work that you also love! If you consider yourself a creator and a maker, check out the Kickstarter. Funding this will really help further legitimatize the choices people make to become independent business owners on their own terms. We're really proud of the series and know you'll love it too.