Create amazing time lapse videos (by Instagram)


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
The app looks beautiful (see Instagram's announcement here). Downloading now... EDIT: Just created my first hyperlapse. Initial impressions: 1) So so simple. After the quick tutorial and camera permission prompt, you can start filming. No registration required, no feed of videos. 2) No filters. Again, going with #1, there are no filters as you might… See more
Jon Lax
@jlax · Product Design Director Facebook
Great job on the warp stabilizer.
Josh Elman
@joshelman · Partner, Greylock
Does it mean something special when the founder of product hunt hunts something? Oh and this is pretty awesome. Except I stopped watching my friends gopro videos two years ago so I hope these end up different!
Nathan Bashaw
@nbashaw · Co-founder and CEO of Hardbound
Perfect extension of the Instagram brand. Instagram stands for beauty, and cool tools that make it more achievable for the average person. This is back in their sweet spot, and I bet even if it's not a huge hit it will still be much more popular than features that stray away from their core territory (like direct photo messaging)
Chris Carella
@ccarella · Product at Broadway Video Ventures
I just love that after years of countless startups trying to be the Instagram of Video, Instagram nailed the Instagram of Video.