The easiest way to promote IRL

Hyperglass is the easiest way to promote your brand, startup, podcast, whatevs in the real world. Hyperglass is also creating the "first API for out-of-home" which enables Mobile Developers to enhance their apps with our network of in/outdoor displays.

Use Code PH180 for 3 hours of free advertising on Hyperglass.

Awesome to see this out there, @adriangrant! What type of companies or use cases are you seeing so far? I'm particularly curious if you're seeing this work for direct response advertising vs. just brand awareness.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Given our locations tend to be startup hangouts, the advertisers we're seeing so far are startups themselves hoping to gain traction in the startup ecosystem. It's a bit too early to tell where this is working, but our vision (especially with our API release) is to be able to accomplish both brand awareness and direct response use cases!
So excited to see this coming to life!
@hassenmerzouk thanks Mohamed! 🙌🏾
How does the experience work for advertisers? Any ability for people to enter an email or subscribe or anything like that?
@swetzequity 👋🏾 Zach. Great question! Currently people can scan a QR code and get directed to whatever URL you like. Soon we'll have the ability to do the same via SMS shortcode. As we roll-out the API, developers will have a full-range of interactivity to choose from (details on that coming shortly). Hope this clarifies
@adriangrant cool, is there a rev share agreement with the venues they are located in? Any stats on number of “passerby’s” built into the tablet?
@swetzequity Yup we do rev share splits with venues. Our "passerby" estimates for the most part come from venues as they have the best data.
ooh this is really cool -- I could see myself buying some time and uploading a game to one of these screens!
@codecamcode Dope Cam! Looking forward to seeing it in action!! I see you've already signed up for API access, but for those that haven't, visit https://goo.gl/forms/UUutSKAHWSP...
@adriangrant would be cool to know what I can scan the barcode with on this page: https://player.thehyperglass.com...
@codecamcode that's a good idea! In the States, as you're aware, most folks don't know what to do with a QR code (even though the iOS camera now ships with one built in). This is an opportunity for us to educate folks. Good tip! Thanks!
@adriangrant yeah, I had no idea iOS has it baked into the camera. That’s dope!