The distraction blocker for macOS

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2019

Hyperfocus blocks applications and websites for a specific time frame so you can focus on getting work done.

  • Pros: 



    It just doesn't work.

    Couldn't block anything with this app.

    Heyfocus.com is still #1 app for these purposes :)

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  • Aaron  O'Leary
    Aaron O'LearyCommunity @producthunt. Chef.

    It works well

    Interface is nice


    Disappears after starting the block leads to confusion

    Yeah, I like it

    Aaron O'Leary has used this product for one day.
Love the interface, super simple to use, is there anything that separates this from other distraction blocker apps?
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron! Thanks for the kind words :) As you said the design and ease of use the main differentiator. As for the blocker disappearing, it is up in the task bar whenever you need it. Thanks for using it!
@jonochatt Yup saw that, it was just an initial woah moment, but great app, Ill definitely be buying it! :)
@aaronoleary Great to hear! Thanks again! Have a top day :)
Like the design. Don’t want to buy it now, but maybe later. So what I usually do it following the person/company on Twitter and get automated reminders 😉 Only thing is, your Twitter icon does not have a link.
@harianus Haha true, it's just the icon
Cool product!
@zachbarongolf Thanks Zach, glad you think so!
What a great idea! How do we add different apps to this?
@hilarystjonnlingvist Hey Hilary! Thanks for your kind words :) You can add a new app by clicking on the green (+) in the top row. PM me if you need more help. Thanks! PS: I love Linqvist, neat app!
@jonochatt I got it. I thought it was supposed to look up apps, but adding the name and URL was enough. This is very cool. Thank you! (and thanks for the Lingvist love!)
Big fan of the interface. Other products may attempt to do similar things, but I find hyperfocus to be very simple and easy to use. I started using it this week, and while there was an adjustment period in the beginning, I am noticing a big difference in my production now.
@tylerlro That's very pleasant to hear Tyler! Thanks for the positive feedback, very kind of you! Hope you're enjoying Hyperfocus! Shout out if you have any other feedback, we'd love to hear how you're finding it. Have a great weekend :)