Make apps with the hypercard for the modern age

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TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
Ahhh, the return of good old Hypercard, sort of! It's a fascinating thing with cards and stacks that lets you create mini-apps and websites. A promising new development tool.
Pierre-Olivier Latour
Pierre-Olivier LatourMaker@swisspol · Software Entrepreneur
@t55 Ah, Hyper is not ready for announcement yet, it's still in early testing and the website is still WIP. Was planning to formally announce in a few weeks :)
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos@ebrennandcampos · CEO, Parafuzo
I just tested Hyper. I looks like there are some really good ideas built into this product but I think there are still some execution kinks to work out (which makes sense, since it's still in beta, etc). I couldn't think of a solid use case but maybe my creativity is lacking today. Good luck, guys!
Not sure how much thought has been put in this, but I have to say that the concept is genius.
Any idea on when the Mac app will be available?
Pierre-Olivier Latour
Pierre-Olivier LatourMaker@swisspol · Software Entrepreneur
@sassigeeks In a few days.
Armand@_idkjs · Dev
Very promising project. I can see the use cases especially for people who are semi-coders.