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Hyper 2

The second generation of the Hyper terminal


We are pleased to announce Hyper 2, featuring:

- A new high-performance Canvas based rendering engine

- An online catalog of plugins and themes

- The hyper CLI to install plugins and themes with one command

- Improved keymaps support

- Improved support for hyperlinks

Would you recommend this product?
Senior Developer Advocate, Microsoft

Been using Hyper since it's initial release. At this point I don't think I'd be comfortable using any other terminal, since I have such a consistent experience when developing on *any* platform. 10/10.


Cross-platform terminal, highly extensible, well supported.


Occasional issues with Electron, usually fixed within a day or two.

Entrepreneur and Consultant

Unfortunately I had terrible battery life and RAM/CPU usage compared to iTerm 2, and didn't find many practical plugins (though many of them are cool).


Fun, easy to install, easy to mod.


BATTERY LIFE (this is my main reason for not using it), many plugins aren't practical, performance is more like a browser than a terminal

Google Dev Expert ยท Head of DevRel

I really like Hyper terminal. It's hackable and easy to use. Built a few themes for it as well. The JavaScript eco-system + terminal is FTW.


Hackable. JavaScript. Theming is fun, checkout Shades-of-Purple ๐Ÿฆ„ Theme


Many of those were solved in version 2.0.0 ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Making Prototypr.io and Letter ๐Ÿ’Œ

It's really easy to build plugins, and has a great community around it!


Really customisable!


None from me


Changes made into version 2 have dramatically increased stability and for most task can be used as the day to day terminal.


Speed and handling improvements


Can stutter under more verbose outputs


I you're on Windows machine, especially if you're working with TMUX, VIM (or NeoVIM) & powerline (or Vim-airline) inside WSL, Built-in bash or mintty terminal still the best choice for now.

Current issues of mine with TMUX & VIM:

- Colour simply incorrect in some cases (vim syntax, powerline or vim airline, tmux, zsh (oh-my-zsh theme) etc)

- Cursor navigation & text selections are terrible.

> Can't navigate to another panes nor window on Tmux (or Tabs on Vim). If you have 2 panes opened (vim nor tmux).

> Can't selecting the text on one side of your pane only, you'll end up with selecting all texts appears in the terminal window

- Scrolling is even worse, especially after risizing the window inside tmux or vim



Good Looking, Cross Platform (kind of)


Doesn't work well on Windows WSL + TMUX + Powerline

I haven't had any issues with it, been very happy and using it for almost a year now. Issues are resolved quickly and there's a great community and a lot of plugins.


Beautiful, easily customizable so you can make your terminal really personal.


Can be slow a little sometimes, but this doesn't happen often and I'll accept it for the tradeoff of everything else it offers.