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@grantmac_ · neu.studio
Not yet Mike. Hopefully within the next week we will.


@grantmac_ · neu.studio
Hey! HypeQ came about after thinking about how one dimensional traditional beta sign up lists are. We then considered how social influence could play into this. HypeQ promotes viral growth of prelaunch sign up while also identifying key influencers within your product market.
Will Sahatdjian
@kwcto · Co-Founder & CTO, Taxfyle
I see a trend coming fast. The site would be more enjoyable without the hijacked scrolling though.
Tiffany Zhong
@tzhongg · VC @BinaryCap, formerly @ProductHunt
The irony behind the fact that this is still in beta & that they dogfooded themselves.
Irving Torres
@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
"Application Error". Looks like the site is down.
Tyler Hayes
@thetylerhayes · Bebo
1. This really should be marked as pre-launch 2. How is this different than Launchrock?