New music delivered to you via text every other morning

Hypemix is a bot for SMS that gives you a randomized playlist of new music delivered to your inbox every (other) morning.

It grows more accustomed to your taste each time you send feedback. 🤯

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Love the landing page 😍
Peach for music! Love the concept!
@jeff_osborn Thanks Jeff! By Peach do you mean the social media app? I'm not familiar with the brand 😅
@markiatheus These guys: https://www.peachd.com/ They text you every morning with an option for lunch. You can text back 'Yes' or 'No. ...So really just the text part is similar, but I think interacting direct via SMS is the future
@jeff_osborn Wow, Peach is pretty cool lol! And yeah, I️ think we’ll be seeing a greater shift towards SMS-based interactions as it gets harder for people to reach inbox zero for email
I am loving this idea! However, the site leads to not found. Any reason to this and when it will be fixed?
@itsmidnightyo ** A little glitch, I’ll have it back online by today 🙂