The world's first levitating sneaker stand display

The Hypelev stand gives the user the ability to exhibit sneakers in a manner never seen before. Along with suspending your sneakers in midair, the White LED immerses your sneakers into an atmosphere of light, while an air hole spins your sneakers endlessly.
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Hey Product Hunt community! My co-founder and I would like to introduce to you a new way for you to showcase your sneakers. As an aspiring architect and engineer, we built upon our common interests in design and sneaker culture to build the world’s first levitating sneaker display. Originally, we had planned on using it as a way to exhibit our Retro Air Jordan’s, but as times progressed, we realized the beauty in how it worked hand-in-hand with sneakerheads and their eagerness in presenting a unique piece of hypebeast art. If that sounds interesting to you, try and levitate what you’re passionate about. We’ve had people levitate bags, bras, oatmeal (AKA Quaker Floats), and their last roll of toilet paper as an exhibit during the quarantine shortage. Give it a shot and maybe you’ll be the maker of a new piece of modern art. We’ll be looking forward to your comments and suggestions!!
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@jacob_rezi thanks🙏
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Woah! this is insane.
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Cool design
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DO you Get any sales Through product hunt ?:D