Boxing wearable enabling punch velocity & quantity tracking

Hykso is a wearable punch tracking device for boxing, showing metrics such as number of punches, velocity of punches, and type of punch.

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Heard about Hykso on the podcast The Pitch.
@joshmuccio @rrhoover You are the man Josh :)
@joshmuccio @rrhoover And you too Ryan, of course!
@rrhoover @daviswbaer awww shucks ☺️ cool to see Hykso on PH 🙌
Great team behind Hykso!
I like this idea a lot and I can probably help them integrate with a major boxing glove company I advise for. I think they were pitching in LA last night too and the founder meet Funder event.
@adrian_salamunovic You should definitely reach out to them :)
I've known Khalil and Tommy for a few years now. It's an amazing team of operators and boxing fantatics (and badass champions) that's gotten so much excitement across gyms, studios, and apparel. They're also doing an amazing job catering to both the pro fighters and the everyday athletes to build the "Peloton of boxing." Keep an eye on them.
Do you plan on expanding the device for kickboxing?