Hygger 2.0

The all-in-one project management tool for product makers

#4 Product of the DayJuly 17, 2019
Hygger is a #1 product management tool with built-in feature prioritization and advanced backlog management.
Create and share high-level roadmaps, prioritize ideas and features, execute your tasks on Kanban boards or Tasks lists.
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17 Reviews4.4/5
If you're looking for "Trello with Swimlanes" and "as simple as Trello, as powerful as Jira / Azure DevOps" Hygger is the tool for you.
@ricotrevisan Best Pitch of this product!
Hi Hunters, We really excited to introduce you Hygger 2.0 - an updated project management tool for product makers. Now with built-in prioritization, tasks lists, custom fields, and multiple projects support. When each feature is exciting, Hygger helps you to choose the most important and profitable ones. Spread out your features on Value/Effort or Eisenhower prioritization matrix, and send the winners to work. It is easy as a pie. Now you can also choose traditional tasks lists in Hygger. Just for cases, when it is not necessary to use Kanban boards, and simple tasks lists are more habitual for you. Custom fields make this experience even more flexible. In Hygger you can create and share beautiful timelines, play with Kanban boards, track time, coordinate and collaborate with the team and enjoy full transparency of work. Hygger intelligently combines the ease of use and powerful functionality. It is a perfect tool for those who work on their own products in software development, product management, marketing, creative agencies, and other teams. Just ping me in comments below if you have any question or feedback. Cheers!
@humanoit Good luck to us!
@humanoit wheres the feature where at least one of the 39 faces on your landing page are black
When Trello met Jira
Feel free to contact us on support@hygger.io if you have any questions☺️
Just keeps getting better and better https://softwareforprojects.com/...
@richp_ Thanks! We are trying 💪😀