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How about including a few of the 50 pages in the media section for folks to preview?
@jasonshen Did that :) but I feel it'd be awesome if people read it all at once ;) It's free anyways :) Cheers! Hope you liked it.
Hey fellow book lovers :) I'm Amrith, the writer of 'Hustling for Everyone' I made this cheatsheet cause 'hustle' is the next big term in today's startup world and I wanted everyone to know what hustle really is. So here are few flashcards that show what hustling is made up of and well, it's free for all :) Let me know if I'm missing out on anything here. Keep Hustling! Cheers!
@ambonium theres no info on the gumroad page...
@bentossell sorry about that.. Will update once i get back home :)
@bentossell sorry about that.. just updated it.. hope you liked it :)
Great book ;) Keep hustling :D
@h_halvi thank you Harsha! And yes, hustle on ;)
Very simple, straight to the point and out-rightly cool.
@chaibizi Simplicity is indeed the key ;) Hope you liked it :)
I like the cheat sheet style. One thesis per page. Easy to read and reminds me of recently posted https://www.producthunt.com/book...
@ramtorn I was actually inspired by that ;)