Hustle & Grind

Monthly coffee and daily inspiration for your business

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I'm also the maker with @FindlayH - If anyone has any questions. Let me know - Happy to answer any questions about the business, how we got here and our plans for the coming months!
@FindlayH @thecoolestcool Congrats on the launch guys. Loving the nice blend of coffee + inspiration!
Super rad dudes. You ever thought of expanding to add nootropics? Caffeine's my fave but lord knows there's others that could be worth adding.
@andknf Definitely have discussed it. In fact, @FindlayH brings it up every other day - We'll definitely look into it closer and who knows - Some day a little something might be in the hustle pack :)
@andknf @FindlayH @thecoolestcool He is right, I do talk about them a lot, because they are freaking AWESOME! I will be thinking on this one!
Not a coffee drinker but inspiration is priceless. Awesome idea @thecoolestcool
This is awesome, Ross. I've been watching you hustle with this but the result looks even better than I imagined. Let's coffee up! :D
@v4violetta Thanks Violeta!
Why did you choose to go with dark roasted coffee? Personally, I'm a fan of pretty light roasts. Is it that the demographic you're going for is the "I need a coffee to get my head together in the morning and I want a big strong coffee to wake me up" type? Really exciting to see another coffee product out there anyway. :)
@lewisflude Thanks Lewis - We went back and forth on this one quite a bit. We know that a light roast tends to have more caffeine but decided to run with a dark roast because it's characteristics were sure to keep people interested and able try cup after cup. We're planning to release a few different blends in the coming months and light roast is next on the list :)
@lewisflude @thecoolestcool Releasing different blends will be nice. Unfortunately you don't ship in Europe. I wish things go well and start asap!
@thecoolestcool @baggelopoulos Thanks for the positive thoughts Bill!