Valerie reviewedHustlCreate awesome time-lapse videos of your Mac screen ✨

-Really great to demonstrate something(workflow, user-journey ect.)



I hope none

I have never used this app as I work with a windows. Hovewer, when we've gathered feedback for our new platform we've used a smiliar tool to record how people got along with the interface. On what they clicked and how easy the platform was to use for them.

I do have two questions:

1. Remains the quality of the video if you send it to a non-apple device?

2. Does it also record sound? (As we also recorded the conversation we had with the test-users. This was great as documentation of the feedback.)

Valerie has never used this product.
Rameerez@rameerez · Serial indie creator ✨
Thanks, Valerie! I hope to launch for Windows in the future too! 1. Yes, video quality remains constant across platforms 2. No, Hustl does not record sound: it takes screenshots and then stitch them together to create the time-lapse. Sound would be very distorted in high-speed :)