Hurify Blockchain Platform for IOT

An Internet of things marketplace on Ethereum blockchain


Hurify is an Ethereum-Based Decentralized platform that allows developers and clients come together in a win-win situation to monetize their technologies and services. Hurify focuses on service monetization for Internet Of Things and plans hardware/data monetization at later phases using ERC20 Tokens called "Hurify Token". Tokensale is Live

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Gary W
Albert Tagoctoc
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    It has a promising platform. I believe it will get big in the crypto- curency market in the near future. It will be a good choice to invest.


    Investors of this product must hold on to it and use it wisely on the market. There are products that loses because it was not used wisely

    If the platform will be followed with out fail the storms of the market can not shake the stability of the program. It will also become more stronger if investors are wiser and patient in the market.

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  • Soufyan Ak
    Soufyan Akliving in Amsterdam

    good idea


    not really

    good project

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    Good products

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