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Love that you built this, @mubashariqbal and @danielkempe. We're actually introducing a similar feature to PH very soon. How are you categorizing and keeping the list up-to-date right now?
@rrhoover @mubashariqbal Well we're leaving it up to the makers themselves. We tried to do it all ourselves, but it's taking a while ;-)
@rrhoover @danielkempe I am trying to keep up with the new products that are coming in, a few minutes each day and I can categorize the things that got hunted that day. The backlog of over 25K products though is a bit of a harder problem to solve, which is why we added the ability for Maker to categorize their own products to assist in this.
Great job @mubashariqbal and @danielkempe. Thanks for including Idea Hunt!
@tribaling @danielkempe Thanks! We want to include all the products :)
@mubashariqbal @danielkempe I imagine you have the list already via the PH API ;) But what happens next? What is the process like
@tribaling Yep we've imported (and continue to) all the products hunted via the API. We have a Admin panel that allows a few volunteers to categorize those products, but we've also built a way for Makers to login and categorize their own products, old or new.
@mubashariqbal One idea is to build a chrome plugin that your volunteers can use on the PH site to directly submit and categorize new products to
Hey all, Mubs and I built Hunts for a fun side project that would hopefully help anyone find the great products of PH in organised categories! If you're a maker, log in to hunts with your PH account and categorise your own products! We worked through hundreds ourselves but with over 25,000 products, it would take a while! 😉
Great idea and well done! I had the same idea some days ago but i was concerned how to get the relevant categories for each product. You solved this by letting the makers update their categories. Have you thought about categories like if it is an app, service or a offline product? Maybe also a filter for free or payed only things.
@neuling2k Good idea, at the moment it's sorted by upvotes but having the option to filter free/premium could be useful :-)
@neuling2k Thanks! The Product Hunt listing does provide some of that information (what platform the product is available on), so making that something people search / filter on would be doable. As for adding additional data points, I'd love to hear from others how they'd like to discover products too.
Love this product! Great way to solve the problem.
@afkehaya Thanks! We have a long way to go, to categorize all the products, but we're off to a good start!
@mubashariqbal Just categorized one of my products. Yeah this is a pretty tough problem to solve. Especially getting everything categorized correctly. I've categorized all the startups in the outdoor industry (from anglelist). It took a really long time and is just in a spreadsheet.