Product Hunt right in your Mac menu bar

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Very well done, @patrickleeadams! This is similar to Hunt X. P.S. We're working on a big update to our Chrome Extension. 😄
Patrick L. Adams
Patrick L. AdamsMaker@patrickleeadams · Creator of @sparq_app and @LionBrowser
I decided to make Huntr because I am a huge fan of Product Hunt and love checking out the trending items for the day. Having access to PH in my menu bar makes it that much easier to keep up with the days products. I'm an iOS Developer and this was my first Mac app. It was super fun to build and I can't wait to get feedback on it for version 2.0. ps. I submitted it to the Mac App Store so it will be available there hopefully within the next week.
Arjun Sarode
Arjun Sarode@rjun07a
@patrickleeadams Do you have a way to send out a notification when you release v2.0? I'd really love to be able to upvote in this! @rrhoover it would be cool to be able to get notifications on Product Hunt if an app you upvoted released a new version.
Patrick L. Adams
Patrick L. AdamsMaker@patrickleeadams · Creator of @sparq_app and @LionBrowser
@rrhoover @rjun07a yea, that was my biggest concern with not waiting for Apple to approve it in the Mac Store, there is no way for people to know about updates. I did add a "check for updates" menu option which takes you to the website which will have information on whether the app was updated or not. The other way is that I can let you know once it's available in the Mac App Store and you can download it from there.
Mark Bijl
Mark Bijl@imarkk3 · Co Founder, @JoiningApp
Nicely done! Would really love to see the possibility to login and upvote posts though.
Patrick L. Adams
Patrick L. AdamsMaker@patrickleeadams · Creator of @sparq_app and @LionBrowser
@imarkk3 yes, that's my main priority for version 2.
Felix Krause
Felix Krause@krausefx · iOS/Ruby Dev working on fastlane
Looks neat! With all the great recent menu bars, Bartender is really useful:
Timothy Graham
Timothy Graham@tlgraham · Director Digital Strategy & Innovation
Great app for checking in on the latest hunts!