Huntr for Mobile

A browser for your job search 🌎💼


Huntr for mobile helps you browse your favorite job sites without having to repeat the same search again and again. Search once and switch between sites with a single tap. Store jobs from any site into your Huntr board in seconds and keep every detail about your job opportunities at the palm of your hand.

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Kelly Banman
Edwin Carbajal
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  • Israel Tiomno
    Israel TiomnoLead Software Developer at Stall Square

    Neat and nice UI

    All job ads and applications in one place

    Customisable cards to identify favourites easily



    This is the best job search manager I've work with so far. Keep it up Rennie! Thanks for the this great idea!

    Israel Tiomno has used this product for one year.
  • Kelly Banman
    Kelly BanmanIndilago Software

    Really great interface


    I didn't have this when I was job hunting!

    Would love to see the house-hunting version of this

    Kelly Banman has used this product for one day.