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#3 Product of the DayNovember 21, 2014
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I continue to see more Instagram-based apps and services emerge on Product Hunt so I put together a collection of them. Check it out. My favorite (and most ridiculous) has to be Boomf.
Looks cool, but need it on android
This is nice! I've been playing with various apps/services for visual curation and have tried to achieve similar things with Instagram, alas to little success so far. Hope this is the answer...
Bug report (when we get a maker on here): I picked 'England' from the country list (not 'United Kingdom'?) and then didn't see any cities in the list where I could pick London from when it asked me if I wanted to be featured. Not that I have been that active lately:
There is a huge amount of content to curate on Instagram and there are a lot of apps doing that. This is one of my favorites and a brand new.