An unofficial Product Hunt app for Android

Hey guys, this is an app I've been working on for the past week or so. I'd really appreciate any feedback you guys have!
@qrazhan I like it! Reminds me a bit of some of the HN Apps that exists for Android. Like that you can see a thumbnail of the products as well. Customizable notifications would be nice to have. Overall a good start! Are upvoting and commenting supported by the API? Would be nice to have... :)
@kjemperud Thanks! I used a lot of the apps for HN/Reddit as inspiration. The API does support it, but I think the PH team is limiting access to those endpoints for now to be able to manage developer support. I'm planning on adding that functionality as soon as they open it up!
@qrazhan going to try this for sure!!! @rrhoover been waiting for a product hunt on android for some time :D:D
@k_roushdy @qrazhan it's coming. :) As tempting as it is to work on one now, we have to say "no" to most things. We'll kick it off early next year but need to focus on some foundational things first.
@rrhoover @qrazhan im sure you have it in mind! will be waiting ;)
I like the name ;)
I like how you handled the threaded comments, @qrazhan. Where'd the name hunter2 come from? :)
@rrhoover Thanks! The name comes from a really old meme:
@qrazhan haha, I wasn't aware of that meme. #internetschooled
Just saw this other attempt at an unofficial PH Android client today: