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#3 Product of the DayJuly 15, 2015
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Yo Hunters, Look out! You’ll be hunted down! I’m the maker of Hunter Hunt, the easiest way to hunt and contact Hunters for your project/startup/app. Hunter Hunt analyses the 85 best hunters and counts all occurrences contained in hunters' taglines and associates a batch of words to each hunter. For example, here is the list words associated with @bramk, The Hunt King : startup, video, create, simple, free, iphone, game, world and others here. I also created a simple ranking page 🏆 by votes, hunts and the average of two. Feel free to ask 😉 and thank you @v4violetta :)
@clemkn Good job Clément! 🙌🏻 I jump on the occasion to tell again to people complaining about Product Hunt's front page not being open to everyone, that most hunters are happy to help!
@gregoiregilbert @bramk Hey Grégoire & Bram, thanks!!! 😃
@clemkn outstanding! Will save some people so much time ;)
So happy this is out! I mean, a part of me shudders at the thought of being hunted, but if it helps startups and the community, then I am 100% for it. Good job, @clemkn. :)
@v4violetta Thank you so much Violeta and also for the link in your great article.
@clemkn Sure, I did the lazy thing, tho. I really should edit it... :D
I'm the #1 GIF hunter. So proud. ☺️
@rrhoover you are #1 for emoji too.. @clemkn however it looks like it doesn't grab all the emoji product submissions for some reason.
Great idea! It would be also super useful for users to search hunters per region / countries. Maybe you could add this feature?
@gui_lhem Great idea! I'll add it very soon!
This is awesome!!