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I'm super excited to see what people build using the Product Hunt API (signup for access here). This is one that caught me by surprise. Nice work, @ayalcinkaya_!
@rrhoover thank you for the early API access and the blog post. Waiting for your best score in the game :)
@ayalcinkaya_ I won't be beaten. (pumps chest)
@rrhoover Are you sure ? ;) Check leaderboard!
@kwdinc I respect that. :)
I love Product Hunt and the community behind PH. I want to make something and here is Hunt-The Game. It is a game that challenges you to match the product tagline with the right product name. I know that the game is very hard but I wonder how many points fellow Product Hunters make. So I challenge everyone to make 25 match in a row. First person that gets 25 Streak in a Row batch gets a gift from me :) Ask @rrhoover for more gifts :) And finally please share your best score in here and We see how good you are about products. ( no cheating :) )
Just scored 23,810 my second run through. #1 on the leaderboard. Bring it!
@rrhoover You are the founder man, your score doesn't count :)
@ayalcinkaya_ It stopped midway .Why? I think I had two lifes left. Was my third attempt I guess -30,370 pts! I got the 25 Streak in a Row batch!
actually @kwdinc a game has 100 hundreds question. I guess you answer all of them :) As a gift I want to give you a Product Hunt Glasshole Kitty http://teespring.com/product-hun... ,if you don't have one :)
@ayalcinkaya_ ah ok :) I dont have that tshirt :D
3600 points, it's very addictive.
@mightyalex you need more practice man :D
@ayalcinkaya_ great job. Pretty addicting ! How long did it take you to build this ?
@kwdinc The project started as a side project and I talked to Ryan for the products and get access to the API. After I get the products, It takes me two days to develop the game. It was a fun project for me,I really enjoy making this game :)
First try didn't go so well, second try much better (thanks to the extra lives). Too bad it FC at 32000 something points... And I was starting to see the same taglines twice actually (bug?)
@kjemperud It is normal to see same tags in different games but I will check for the same game issue. Thanks for reporting :)