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Katherine ChenMaker@katherine_chen
Hi everyone! I am the founder for Hummings. Thanks for trying out our product! We are working on our next version w automated bank account transaction updates + more smart decisions like evaluating trade-offs for debt payoff & retirements and rent vs buy.
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
If you've got a savings goal in mind (say you want to upgrade your gadgets, for example), Hummings helps you to manage your finances to help you achieve this.
Katherine ChenMaker@katherine_chen
@riaface thanks for hunting Hummings! We are working on some really exciting features helping our users find ways to achieve their financial goals! Stay tuned!
Katherine ChenMaker@katherine_chen
@andym_dc Hi Andrew, Hummings is a web app now; and we are working on an iphone app. We definitely have more to come!
Katherine ChenMaker@katherine_chen
@andym_dc one more thing, this is our web app for now More to come!
Andrew Mutavdzija@andym_dc · JD
@katherine_chen excellent, thank you!
Mark Donne@mark_donne
I've played around with the early version and have seen what is to come and I have to say it's going to be an amazing product. I believe what Katherine has planned will really shake up the industry and change the game! As she said keep in eye out for the updated Hummings.
Katherine ChenMaker@katherine_chen
@mark_donne Thanks, Mark! Really appreciate your support. Yes - we are working on some exciting new features. In addition to automating bank account, our goal is to simplify ways to make the big decisions that impact your future - how much to put away for retirement, how big a home can I afford & make sense.... definitely more to come from us!
Brian Rabben | Mr. @WolfOfGrowth 🐺@brianrabben · I'm Mr.🐺 I SOLVE Growth⤴️Problems 🚀
Boris Fedorov@borisism · Head of Product,
Is this live? The sign up redirects to a TypeForm survey.
Katherine ChenMaker@katherine_chen
@borisism we are working on a more robust product.... coming out soon!