Hummingbird by Olark

A mobile-friendly live chat experience

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Congrats to the Olark team on shipping this awesome improvement!
We've just launched a redesigned, mobile-friendly version of Olark. We call it "Hummingbird" - a smaller, faster live chat platform that's ideal for small screens. It's free for all Olark users :)
So proud of our team, Hummingbird not only brings an amazing experience to every mobile visitor, but also serves as a platform for rapidly enhancing the Olark experience with new themes and functionality on mobile and desktop! Stay tuned and great job guys!
Would you ever think about shipping a native (iOS, Android) live chat SDK? I've found the number of companies supporting that is quite low compared to how prevalent mobile use is.
@gabe_kangas It's an interesting idea, Gabe, and one that's been talked about here, but it's not on the immediate roadmap.
Just enabled this on our website today :)
@zacdavies Very cool, Zac. Let me know if you have any questions or if we can help with anything on the integration side.