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Hi! I'm Andres, the CEO and founder of humm. It's a pleasure to e-meet you all here. I've created two music startups, and in the course of building our previous venture we constantly heard a similar thing: while several streaming services are making an ever bigger push for premium customers, no-one's taking care of the music fans who can't afford or don't yet want to buy a premium subscription. Also, the sites that do focus on the free experience aren't specifically set up as music players. That's why we built humm. humm is a music streaming service that combines a catalogue of tens of millions of tracks, a kick-ass recommendation engine and a simple interface to create a free and seamless music experience. You can find pretty much any track you're looking for, create and import playlists, and do without those irksome ads that interrupt the flow. humm has a great onboarding process that helps suggest music tailored to your taste. When you search the name of an artist or song, the interface brings up the best-quality tracks, albums, videos and cover versions, any of which you can add to playlists with a simple drag and drop. Soon, we'll have a pin function that lets you add any music you come across online! We realise the product isn't 100% perfect yet, but we'd love to hear your feedback. I'm at your disposal for any questions.
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@andressandaza How do you skip the ads without the user having premium?
HI @joshdance it´s a question of how you embed the content. We use third party APIs and it´s the way they work. For example Youtube omits pre-roll ads if the size of embed has a small size.
Great stuff Andres - the UI is lovely, much better than the Spotify web player. Are you using Soundcloud as your music source? And, if so, do you foresee a potential problem being that users won't be able to find the biggest tracks, which often aren't on Soundcloud?
While Humm is only on web right now, I'm extremely impressed by the clean UI. My only complaint is I couldn't find Beyonce on search!
@katesegrin We've got you covered!! You have to search it with the accent "Beyoncé". We'll work on our search to not be so fussy ;)
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@mxaxg @katesegrin Yes, make it more fuzzy! (I'll see myself out)
Pretty well done. Some nice features. Good luck!
Thanks @antoinem, great comment coming from someone working on the same space. Cheers, A
Thanks @edrex_. At the moment we are sourcing all the content from Youtube though we want to add other sources too so that you find any track you like. If a track it´s not in Youtube we could source it from Spotify or any other legal sources.
@andressandaza Ah - got it. So can I find, for instance, Uptown Funk (or insert another chart-topper here) on Humm? And, if so, how are you getting around licensing issues?
@edrex_ Re - searching for tracks, sure you can! In the search just hit Show All and it'll come up: The result you're looking for might be on the 2nd or 3rd page of the songs results.. Still needs to be optimised but we've got you covered ;)