A simple CRM to remember the people you meet

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I'm still looking for a good personal CRM (pCRM?). A good one will need to: > integrate with my personal networks (FB / Messenger / GMail / Twitter / phone), > help me remember to reconnect or engage with folks that matter if it's been too long > possibly alert me to interesting conversations or events I may need to attend to maintain or further the right relationships Unfortunately this app looks like a simple note-taker, and does none of those.
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@mallyvai Good points, regarding the engagement reminders, thats one feature I'm just about finished up as I've felt the need for it as well. I intentionally didn't integrate it with existing networks / contacts because if you batch import everything, the notes won't be meaningful and you might as well use those existing tools.
@reustle I didn't say batch import :-) I would encourage you to start thinking from existing social networks / contact lists (or social network / contact list, singular) and work backwards from there, in terms of true CRM-style functionality.
@mallyvai Thanks for the detail :) What type of integration would you like to see? I've considering doing something like a chrome extension that injects a text box on twitter/facebook/linkedin profiles so you could jot down notes for that person when you hit their page. Is that roughly in the area of what you've got in mind?
@mallyvai @reustle RelateIQ did this well for a little while, pre-acquisition. It was a heavy-handed tool for it, but worked for me. A new lightweight tool with this functionality would be great, helping me build my contact database from my existing networks.
@mallyvai check out Contactually. Solves all of those things on web and the new mobile app is 🔥 🔥
looks to just have the functionality of a notepad presently, unless i'm missing something
@_jacksmith that's what I thought!
@_jacksmith That's all there is to it, essentially (and cross-device syncing). I've been using it for nearly a year now and it seems to cover all the use cases I've needed it for. There are a few things I'd like to add soon like contact reminders, but other than that, this is it :) EDIT: Contact reminders are live!
Seems like similar functionality to Contactually. Have been using Contactually since it launched. It’s how I manage all my relationships. I’d be lost without it.
Don't really see the advantage over a notapad(app) or some selfmade html5 app with localstorage. Sorry.
@argovaerts Maybe it isn't clear enough that it syncs online across multiple devices?
@reustle I just had a second look. This feature isn't really coming out as you don't really know about it before you open the 'help' section and yeah people only open that if they need help :/ maybe rename this section to a more general FAQ. Hope this helps.
Super clear thing !