Human for Apple Watch

Real-time activity tracking with friends on the Apple Watch

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We're super thrilled to bring Human to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch showcases that wearables are quickly becoming a lifestyle category and software game. We believe to be a great fit with a strong focus on an active lifestyle, versus hardcore tracking and exercise. We pushed the current Watch SDK to the limits and tried to add as much personality to the Watch app as we could. We have real-time stats for you and your friends in a club, added beautiful theme packs that you can earn with a streak, included a glance for quick daily progress, and use hand-off to switch between the Watch and iPhone app. Let me know if you have any questions.
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I'm so looking forward to use Human with the iWatch. Right now I track my 7 months trip around the world with Human & it works fantastic. Let's see what I can do with the exported data.
@nikgraf what are you tracking with Human on your trip? Have you tried
Some thoughts on the challenges of building a Watch app:
Keep it up Humans :)
Great! I love human and can't wait to test it on the Watch. Do you have any screen to share?
@solenema I've updated my post with some background and screenshots. More about this release: