Meeting notes that connect to your calendar and work apps

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2019
Hugo: connected meeting notes software — a calendar-centric hub for your meeting notes & agendas.
Collaborate on agendas and notes that are linked to your calendar. @mention teammates. Create Jira issues and sync to Slack, Salesforce and 20+ other apps.
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Hey ProductHunt, Firstly, thanks @hnshah for hunting us! The inspiration for Hugo struck while building another app. Like so many teams, we were massively distributed. Our team was partly remote, and my co-founder and I were out of the office all the time. I took pride in how much we talked to customers in person. But, when we’d return the debrief/team sync would break because we weren't in the same room or even on the same timezone. We wanted to move faster, and we wanted to build a transparent team, but we were utterly failing to connect meeting insights to the rest of the company. Hugo innovates on meeting notes - organizing everything based on our calendar and connecting our work apps. Now we're prompted to set agendas and write notes when it makes sense, and then everything can be shared with the team in Slack. Suddenly, we’d return from our day's journey, and the team was in sync and already full of ideas. We were on to something. Plus, by linking meeting notes to the calendar, we didn’t have to organize anything anymore — my biggest headache! That’s when @darren_chait asked me, “What else do you reckon we can connect our meeting notes to?” Engineering work gets done in Jira, marketing in Asana, sales in a CRM and the list goes on. So, Slack and calendars were the first two integrations. Today Hugo connects with 20+ tools. That became our mission — to connect the way we meet, to the way we work. Key Hugo Features 🔎 Notes are automatically categorized by meetings and attendees 🚀 Integrations to create tasks/tickets in project management apps from your notes 🔄 Auto-sync notes to CRM records that match the meeting 💬 Post notes to Slack channels and DMs 📝 Collaborative agendas and notes for the whole team 💼 Free agenda template library for best practices 👋 Mention to notify teammates Now Hugo powers meetings at Nike, Dropbox, iHeartMedia, Twitter, Shopify, and other leading companies, with best-practice meeting workflows out of the box. We’re also offering the PH community free access to Hugo for teams of up to 40. Let us know what you think. Thanks for the support! 🙌
Josh is very responsive and clearly interested in feedback and improving his product. This is rare compared with other companies and based on his communication I'm confident Hugo is going to get even better.
@jason_jerald thank you, keep the feedback coming our way 👌
Guys, the images on your website can be described with one word - art. They are stunningly good!
@stanislav_dim thanks! It's an important part of our brand, so we've worked with some pretty amazing illustrators to help us tell the story! Thanks for the support 🙌
@stanislav_dim @darren_chait Can I ask what firm you worked with to build the website? Looking to hire one myself and could use a good rec! This product looks awesome btw, excited to try it out.
@stanislav_dim @carly_martinetti We built it internally using Webflow! Thanks - let us know how you go getting started with Hugo.
This product appears to automate a process that I have never seen anyone get right at any company. Meeting notes always get lost! Thank you for making this!
Hugo has identified a really interesting problem, and taken a novel approach to solve it. Great stuff here. (Plus, they have one of the best onboarding email flows I've ever seen.)
@brendan_fortune1 ha thanks! We know that a lot of products end up with on-boarding emails that get in the way, I'm glad you found the opposite with ours 🙌
@brendan_fortune1 It helps when we have the best product for customer communications powering us :)