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Founder, Sensorglobe

I applied for the program through Start-Up Chile accelerator for my startup.

It is a bad product, it lacks of quality, features and it is expensive.

You are attached to 12 month contract per agent, if you need 5 agents one month and 2 the next, you have to keep paying for the 5 agents the whole year.

You can not cancel hubspot account, now we are attached to a 12month contract per agent without any advert.

Keep away from hubspot for startups, this is more a SCAM than a support program.


Basic CRM


You can do more with your money

Marketing Manager

Easy to use, useful instruments for marketing, lead generation, marketing automation.


Easy to use



I use Hubspot as part of my day to day routine.

It's an awesome tool for sales and marketers (specially for startups).

The problem is that when your team grows it becomes quickly very expensive and non competitive compared to using zappier and different other tools.


Amazing tool and very complete when paying


It becomes very expensive while adding modules and licences

1 Call Loans

Useful but not as actionable as you may like. However, worth the time.


Useful Good info Accurate data


Not as actionable as I wanted

Absolutely recommend!