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Wow, this looks really nice. We already use Hubspot for a lot of our marketing at @visageco and this may get us to move away from Salesforce for sales. Throw in Sidekick that we've been using as well and Hubspot may just own all of our biz dev processes.
@alwaysunday Sidekick looks pretty slick, major improvements to Signals.
Highly recommend it if you need a simple CRM and use HubSpot. We moved from Salesforce to the HubSpot CRM and it has really worked well for us. Salesforce was just a bit of a beast for our basic needs.

I've been using HubSpot CRM since it was in Beta and it's really matured into a powerful CRM. I do pay for the Sales Pro tools which unlock a lot of power. There are some limitations however that make it a bad fit, you can read more about those in this review -


Email integration, custom properties, saved views, tasks, flexible pipeline and deal stages, and Zapier integration. (oh and its free)


Some real limitations with the API, needs more team and record level security options.

This looks awesome. We use HubSpot and I'm a big fan.

I applied for the program through Start-Up Chile accelerator for my startup.

It is a bad product, it lacks of quality, features and it is expensive. That is ok, you have the choice to deliver bad quality as I have the choice to find other solution.

But I can not cancel hubspot account, now we are attached to a 12month contract per agent without any advert. I'm watching how they take my money every month even when I am not using it, and i begging them to cancel my account, they refuse.

Keep away from hubspot for startups, this is more a SCAM than a support program.


Very basic CRM


bad ux, bad reporting, 12 month contracts, not mobile integration, lacks of customization, the chat is crappy, you loose clients

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