Simon Bromberg
Simon Bromberg reviewedHQLive trivia game show by the founder of Vine

Fun, fresh, simple, free, and who doesn't like trivia games (and winning money maybe but probably not)


* Not clear what it is until you reach a live show

* Some tech difficulties

* If you win, amount will probably be ~$3 unless really lucky

Only 1–2 shows per day, and times may be inconvenient depending on your location.

They should show some sort of preview or have a tutorial / computer mode where you can play previous games.

The app itself is pretty nice and when it works, the experience is seamless.

Unfortunately, the games are frequently delayed and experience technical difficulties. Plus often you put the right answer but it doesn't register.

Also, the trivia questions are not very satisfying. Who cares what company

owns Waypoint? That's not an interesting piece of knowledge.

Also apparently the founder doesn't know how journalism works.

Simon Bromberg has used this product for one month.