Live trivia game show by the founder of Vine


A new game show on iPhone. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT

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  • Simon Bromberg
    Simon Brombergsbromberg.com

    Fun, fresh, simple, free, and who doesn't like trivia games (and winning money maybe but probably not)


    * Not clear what it is until you reach a live show

    * Some tech difficulties

    * If you win, amount will probably be ~$3 unless really lucky

    Only 1–2 shows per day, and times may be inconvenient depending on your location.

    They should show some sort of preview or have a tutorial / computer mode where you can play previous games.

    The app itself is pretty nice and when it works, the experience is seamless.

    Unfortunately, the games are frequently delayed and experience technical difficulties. Plus often you put the right answer but it doesn't register.

    Also, the trivia questions are not very satisfying. Who cares what company

    owns Waypoint? That's not an interesting piece of knowledge.

    Also apparently the founder doesn't know how journalism works.

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  • Ish Baid
    Ish BaidI build things

    -Incredibly engaging

    -Love how novel of a concept this is...really haven't seen anything like this before


    -Great UI

    -Easy to use


    -None so far

    Tried this for the first time today and as soon as I joined my first live trivia show - there was an "aha" moment. This feels like the intersection of live TV and mobile. And it engages users in a way I've never seen before.

    Feels very futuristic.

    My prediction: HQ will have over 1 million DAU by the end of 2017. It was built to be an incredibly viral product.

    Furthermore, I think HQ will spawn a series of copycat products that will do something quite similar in the coming year.

    I see so many ways how this can change the future of how live shows can engage audiences.

    Brilliant work, keep up the good work! I am so excited about this.

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  • Billy Mauro
    Billy MauroProduct Marketing

    The competition with community and live stream and of course the cash prize


    Prize money is to small.

    Would be great if there were more games each day and you could win different types of prizes. Like win an xbox, or Tesla, or $100,000.

    Also, there are so many people commenting that it doesn't really make sense. Might be better to just show an explosion of multiple profile photos of the people that got a question right after the answer is given away.

    When I played this game btw, I had about 4 other friends trying to help in order to win. Great word of mouth marketing established through that. Wonder if there is a way to gamify it with multiple friends within the app that way those "friends" wouldn't have to be in the same room as me, they could be helping me from their mobile app and incentivize them somehow.

    The hosts are great so far! They are positive energy, say the right things, and engage the audience. I like when they mention twitter followers. I think you are on to something there from a marketing perspective but could def get more creative by shouting out influential players in the game and that have large followings or previously won games in the past. Lots you can do there.

    Very impressed with the concept and execution. Well done.

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  • Mimi Vuong
    Mimi VuongDirector & Designer

    Almost everything. The bandwidth to sustain the livestream, the real time play, the fact I'm learning fun and random facts, the incentives.


    The live chat—not enough real estate for it and it just looks like poison for the epileptic.

    I am extremely happy that someone finally decided to ship a product like this. It's almost like Hunger Games meets Black Mirror meets Nerve, but obviously not too that degree. I hope this will bring more people around the world together because it's entertaining af. I cannot wait to see future features and collaborations. Great job, HQ. You've reignited my love towards Product Design again.

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  • Mike Freeman
    Mike FreemanMarketing dude

    Fun. The fact that it's live and has a real host is really engaging.


    Battery power? Used 15% of my battery in under 10 minutes.

    More! - Live means there's only couple of games a day - want more!

    Really fun. Can see this being super addictive.

    Played my first game and was out on question 3, like a chump, but still enjoyed. The production quality is great, you feel like you're on a TV game show.

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  • ashita achuthan
    ashita achuthanProduct gal

    Fun, bite-sized, live and interactive quiz show.


    Appointment mechanics -have to show up at the exact time every day in order to participate. If you are even late by a second, you'll miss it

    I love this bite-sized, interactive format for Live Video. The hosts are engaging, the questions are actually challenging. The live chat audience is hilarious and so far, I haven't seen much trolling. genius!

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  • Pros: 

    Thought it was fun but its a scam


    I won. And tried to cash out but can't. Emailed them several times but only get form email response. Its a scam- they dont pay!!!

    There is no way to contact them but through email and aside from standard reply they do not answer emails sent. I believe this is a scam - I won but it doesnt allow me to collect what I won.

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  • Gerrie Diaz
    Gerrie DiazHead of Product @ Wade&Wendy

    getting paid to play a game


    performance/latency has been getting worse each day

    great concept. i try to participate every day. increase the payouts!

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  • Joshua Dance
    Joshua DanceEngineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker

    Fun. Quick.


    Not enough games. Doesn't warn you early enough

    This is going to be huge.

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  • Kiren Srinivasan
    Kiren SrinivasanSoftware Engineer at Holberton School

    Synchronous gameplay and only last for 10 minutes, real money on the line


    Needs more instances of gameplay spread out through the day - might not be optimal for those who can't make it at 12 PM PST

    So. Much. Fun. Download. Now.

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  • Pros: 

    - Scott is the millennial Steve Harvey of Family Feud for the HQ Trivia community.

    - Insanely engaging.

    - Content is relatable.




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  • Pros: 

    Fun experience and innovative design/idea. Very engaging.


    Wish there were more events.

    Would be interesting to see this applied to multiple brands and maybe even location based deployments.

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  • Running Late
    Running LateRunning Late

    LIVE! Brings people together! Appointment TV on your iPHONE! And yeah, you can win $$$$$


    can't think of any! flawless concept and execution

    The illest, the realest, the thrillingest... I look forward to my HQ push notifications every day! Can't wait to play!

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  • Nima Sadrieh
    Nima SadriehData scientist

    Fun and cash prize


    Question become so hard after number 5. It become just a game of chance

    I really see a good future for this kind of games. If you like HQ you probably like http://twistedchoice.com/referral/4.

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  • Terry Moore
    Terry MooreMobile AI, AR & Gamimfication

    Something new Live streaming Like it


    Will return to update once I play it


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