Howuku Analytics

Find out how visitors interacts with your web app

Howuku is an experience optimization platform helping you to understand how visitors are interacting on your website. It includes on-site feedback, engagement heatmap, visitor recordings, and A/B testing.
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This is crazy!! So we only have to embed a simple script tag in our codebase?
@16oh4 Exactly Bruno! That's all you need to do to get all the features running for your website! :)
I’m super excited to finally launching Howuku Analytics on ProductHunt today. We are an all-in-one website experience optimization platform to help your team truly understand your visitors experience. Who needs this? ✅ Tech support can quickly lookup to session replay to find user issues ✅ Product team who want to ask specific question to a targeted audience ✅ Sales executive to learn your new promotional campaign engagement rate Core features: 💬 Sidebar feedback, NPS and poll surveys 🔥 Website engagement heatmap - mouse movement, clicks, and scrolling 🎥 Visitor recordings and session replay 🧪 A/B testing and experimentation 🎯 Traffic conversion funnel 📊 Traffic analytics and user journeys If you have an interesting use case for Howuku Analytics do reach out - I'm looking for some case studies to put on the site :) Here is a promo code for PH to enjoy up to 20% further discount on all Howuku subscription plans: PH20OFF