How to evaluate the potential of a cryptocurrency investment. This book introduces a framework (a sort of checklist) to filter out frauds and run structured due diligence every time you find a promising cryptocurrency to invest in.

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Hi Book Hunters, Since finding the golden nuggets from 800+ cryptocurrencies is pretty damn hard, I thought it would be great to create a guide that helps anyone evaluate and analyse cryptocurrencies for long-term investment. So I spent the last few weeks putting together a short book with actionable tips, using my own and others experience. I really hope it helps you guys find cryptos that go to the moon and maybe beyond. :)
Thanks for including a link to CryptoBot :) Just downloaded!
Tamas is a thoughtful writer who has a proven track record for creating actionable advice. I'm excited about his latest content about cryptocurrencies.
@paul_s_kemp Thank you, Paul. :)
Upvoted ;-) This adds some serious value to the Crypto Community - We tried to do the same by spending 700+ hours to review 400+ coins on: Crypto Market Analysis, Predictions & Investment stats. Curious to get your feedback: