Dropbox’s referral program is possibly one of the most famous cases of referral marketing done right. ❤️

That’s why we wanted to do something special for the Product Hunt community and make it easier for you to understand how it works and implement it for your own company.

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Hi, everyone! This is a very special moment for the Viral Loops team. Today it’s our birthday! 🎉 Last September, we publicly launched Viral Loops after being in private beta for around 6 months. Since then, we’ve faced a ton of challenges and achieved huge milestones. One of them was the first version of our Refer a Friend template inspired by Dropbox. And now it’s time for version 2.0! We completely redesigned the Dropbox-style template and added new features along with an easier installation process.✌️ But we wanted to do something more for the whole Product Hunt community. You’ve given us so much love this year in all of our launches. 😻 So, we created a simple and free interactive tool to help you understand and design a referral program similar to Dropbox. It’s called “How to grow like Dropbox” 🚀 With this tool you can set the basic parameters of your campaign, in 4 steps: 1. How people join your referral program (email, social signup, etc.) 2. Which channels people use to invite their friends (messenger, email, etc.) 3. What type of rewards people will be getting (internal currency, discounts, etc.) 4. Who will get rewarded? Both the referrer and the invitee? I would love to see a comment with your thoughts and feedback! 🙈 -------- UPDATE: A few people left some comments asking for a discount and quite a few emailed me about it. So, here it is! A super special discount with ❤️ from all of our team 😻 Just use the coupon code VLBDAY6 and you'll get 50% off on any Viral Loops plan for the first 6 months 🎉 The offer ends this Wednesday ✌️ Hope you like it!
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@savvaszortikis congrats on the launch and happy birthday 🙌 🎉 Having recently worked with this team on our own Ambassador Program, I can say they are a real class act. @geovasiliadis @zisismaras
@geovasiliadis @zisismaras @ems_hodge so thankful to hear that Emily! Working with you is one of the best things that happened since we've started Viral Loops 😻
@savvaszortikis Congratulations and happy birthday! Wish you loads of success.
@aaryanramzan thank you so much Aaryan!

ViralLoops is a good product with infuriating marketing. Trying to ride the ProductHunt wave over and over again by releasing these little pages and then submitting to ProductHunt


Good selection of campaign types


Spamming ProductHunt with different variants of 'launches'

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We're doing our best Lisa! Thanks for the feedback. ✌️

Viral Loops is my favorite viral and referral marketing platform and their team is awesome and really responsive. I'm now building a new campaign with them.


The templates do 90% of the work for me


Took some time to integrate

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So excited to have you onboard Sujan! Regarding the integration part, we're doing a major update in the next 1-2 months 💪 Always a pleasure to working with you 🙏
@savvaszortikis & @geovasiliadis of Viral Loops are on fire again!
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@geovasiliadis @bramk We're super excited for this new launch Bram! Thank you so much for your support :)

Love what Viral Loops is doing. We've had great success using their tools across various campaigns and the team is always super helpful. Doesn't surprise me to see them #1 on Product Hunt today... Viral Loops knows viral marketing. 🚀🚀


Viral Loops KNOWS Viral Marketing 📈 🚀


Refining the product will get better

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So excited to hear this Niv! We're currently working on a lot of stuff on the product side to add go deeper in specific areas, add new features, customizations and more integrations :)