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#2 Product of the DayJuly 11, 2017
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Jamie Barton
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
GraphQL is one of the most popular API technologies at the moment. Yet, many developers have difficulties to understand if and how they can use it in their own technology stack. As GraphQL can be used with any programming language, it's hard to find a tutorial that covers the needs for the specific use cases many developers have. The folks at wanted to change that and created a holistic tutorial website that teaches fundamentals of GraphQL and also includes hands-on tutorials using many major technologies and frameworks, like React, Apollo, Relay, Ruby, Java, Elixir and many more. They gathered a team of highly qualified contributors to create the different tutorial tracks so that readers can learn about best practices right from the start. The best thing is, all content on the site is open-source and completely free. GraphQL ❤️
Tim Suchanek
Tim SuchanekMaker@timsuchanek · Developer
@notrab Thanks for hunting us! As you said - it's open-source and anyone who wants to contribute something can do it here
Daniel@danieldaniel · Automating UI/UX Design at
Great designed tutorials with story telling are the future of education! Thanks for the love you've put into this!
Tim Suchanek
Tim SuchanekMaker@timsuchanek · Developer
@danieldaniel @_strobl Thanks Daniel & Christian! It took quite some time to create this experience. What I'm especially happy of is the interactive Playground Sandbox that we build into the basic Chapters.
Another amazing resource provided by the awesome team.
Tim Suchanek
Tim SuchanekMaker@timsuchanek · Developer
@gollyjer Thanks Jeremy! And we don't stop creating these until the knowledge gap to GraphQL is closed :)
Jason Bahl
Jason Bahl@jasonbahl1 · WordPress Engineer, Digital First Media
What an amazing resource. Really well put together!
Tim Suchanek
Tim SuchanekMaker@timsuchanek · Developer
@jasonbahl1 Thank you very much!
Lewis Blackwood
Lewis Blackwood@lewisblackwood
Awesome work from the Graphcool team. Continually producing some of the best learning resources out there! 👌
Tim Suchanek
Tim SuchanekMaker@timsuchanek · Developer
@lewisblackwood Thanks Lewis! We always give our best :)