How to Fight a Hydra

A book by Josh Kaufman about ambition, uncertainty, & risk

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"How to Fight a Hydra" is an illuminating short story by Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of "The Personal MBA" and "The First 20 Hours."

The book explores the themes of ambition, uncertainty, risk, and fear of the unknown: topics that every entrepreneur, artist, and creative professional grapples with on a daily basis.

Barrett Brooks
  • Barrett Brooks
    Barrett BrooksWriter, Marketer, Change maker

    This book reminded me of The Alchemist, which is one of my all-time favorites to return to over and over.


    If you don't like allegories, then you won't like this book.

    Josh Kaufman is making his first foray into fiction publishing with this book, which follows his fantastic business bestseller, The Personal MBA, and the manual for learning interesting new skills quickly, The First 20 Hours. His wisdom and insight are always on point, but in this book he tackles the fears and doubts at the heart of why we all shy away from our potential and our dreams.

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Josh Kaufman
Josh KaufmanMaker@joshkaufman · Bestselling author,
Hi, everyone - I'm the author. I just released a new book about a few big topics that every founder / entrepreneur / creative professional struggles with: uncertainty, risk, and fear of the unknown. The book is an allegorical short story – as it turns out, it's more useful and interesting to *watch* a protagonist handle these sorts of situations in a skillful way vs. reading a traditional research-based nonfiction treatment of these topics. I'm also publishing independently, which is a departure: my first two books were published by Penguin Random House. Independent publishing has a lot going for it, and it's easier than ever to publish yourself in a professional way. Happy to discuss anything about the book or the publishing process.
Jason Glaspey
Jason Glaspey@jasonglaspey · Founder - Factory
First, I love short books. I love that this was designed to be read in about an hour or so, and that you can 'get' the whole story, the whole message, that quickly. This is a modern fable about the unknown. I originally heard it described as a fairy tale on the dangers of entrepreneurship and following your dreams... that stuck with me as I read it and whether it was the author's intention or not, it held up and allowed me to see my own journeys through the hero's adventure. Definitely a great book for people setting off on their own unknown futures while taking control of their own lives and seeking adventure. Now, imagine that last sentence all eloquent and meaningful and really good and you'll love the book just go buy it and read it you could already be done by now why are you still reading this review?