How to Develop Strategic Messaging and Positioning

Step by Step Guide to Designing Strategic Messaging

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Sapphire Reels@thereelsdeal · Marketing & Design
Nothing more to say than this is amazing. As the only Product Marketer at my job, I sometimes find it hard/too time consuming to communicate exactly how I get my work done. I can now use this to explain it to the company at large. Thank you!
Myk PonoMaker@myxys
@thereelsdeal thank you for recommending and sharing!
Myk PonoMaker@myxys
This article covers the essentials of strategic communication. The goal is to explain why it is critical that companies understand strategic messaging and positioning. In addition, we will discuss some practical and actionable approaches to help you design strategic messaging and product positioning. Classic marketing concepts and strategies that often get forgotten and seem impractical today are very relevant when it comes to tech companies and software products. It’s a totally different world now, but the basic principles of positioning and marketing apply to software companies today just as much as they did 50 years ago to companies selling things such as bars of soap. As the number of products in every SaaS category continues to grow ever more rapidly, positioning and strategic messaging are becoming more important than ever before. What exactly is strategic communication, strategic messaging, and positioning? With so many related buzzwords, it’s often not clear how each specific term is used, how it is defined, and what it stands for. The terms “strategic communication” and “strategic messaging” are used interchangeably throughout this article. Feel free to use the term you identify with most. A few years ago when I started looking into the world of messaging, I was desperate to find a place to start my research journey on this topic. I hope this article acts as a starting point for anyone wanting to learn about strategic communication and positioning.
Anthony Somilleda@anthrony_ · Tradecraft
I learned a lot from this article. Myk's writing is extremely informative, thorough, and well organized. He really knows what he's talking about. Can't wait to read more from Myk Pono and I will definitely be referring his Growth Marketing Consulting services to my network.
Dima Grebennikov@ma1ish · Product Marketing Specialist at MacPaw
Really amazing article. Highly recommend not only for newbies but for anyone engaged in product marketing.
Myk PonoMaker@myxys
@ma1ish thanks for sharing!
Vinish Garg@vingar · Co-founder @mystippi @ContentHug
Very comprehensive, I had already added my note in the article, many days back. :)