How to Build a Career in Tech, by Product Hunt

Best advice from founders, investors & industry leaders 🙏


How to Build a Career in Tech, by Product Hunt is the first in a a series of eBooks we’ll be publishing, featuring the best advice from top founders, investors, best-selling authors, and world-changing leader who’ve been guests on Product Hunt LIVE.

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Jonathan Wuurman
Jim Lyons
George Vasiliadis
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  • George Vasiliadis
    George VasiliadisSpace, Tech, Nutrition, Fitness

    Amazingly written. Super insightful content. 100% recommend it to anyone who's trying to join Tech.


    I'd like a hardcover. 😊

    "How to Build a Career in Tech" is an awesome book that everyone should read. I learned a lot of new things for the Tech industry and it's going to help anyone who wants to build a career in it (I think the title is self explanatory). Kudos to the Product Hunt team once again!

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  • Amrith Shanbhag
    Amrith ShanbhagCommunity + Social at Product Hunt

    Curation is on point, super helpful and to the point.


    Just like every other review, I'd love a physical book too.

    I can totally see the amount of hardwork that went into making this and it sure paid off. This book is beautiful and you should read it whether or not you want to build a career in tech because it has some nuggets for life in it too :)

    Thanks for making this Niv and everyone else who contributed, I'm addicted to it :)

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  • Pros: 

    Great recommendations with true insight from those actually experienced in the fields they're advising on. Refreshing and well designed!


    Would love a physical copy!

    Great book, Product hunt! Learning a lot from skimming over it already and very much looking forward to reading it more in my free time! Thank you Product hunt team and community for making this book happen!!

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  • Jim Lyons
    Jim LyonsBlogger/analyst

    Great content, succinct and to the point.


    Kindle version?

    I should be able to do this myself, but wondering if someone else has an easy path to a good Kindle version? I would like to save in my Kindle library with my own notes and highlights.

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  • Noam Gingold
    Noam GingoldCEO at SoundGym

    So many great insights from talented people. And it's free!


    Nothing I can think of...

    I have just started reading it, and it's seems really informative. Great stuff! Extremely useful!

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  • Pros: 




    It is totally worth it!

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  • Tatyana Romanova
    Tatyana RomanovaCopywriter, Singree

    WOuld love to know the details



    I would lve to experience this app. what's new it is to bring?

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    Didn't get the download link, see only "Spread the word" button

    Already told

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  • Irana Sverbitskaya
    Irana SverbitskayaMake up artist, Shleyf Salon

    Great app



    great opportunity for tech searchers out there.

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  • Pros: 

    Great Idea that aids people in finding jobs in this narrow tech field


    all over the worls appropriate?

    Been looking for something like this for months now. Hopefully will innovate the job seeking industry

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    GARGI KACHHAWAMaster of Science. Serial Chiller.

    Amazing content! I think this book is not just for someone pursuing a tech career because it has great bits of general career advice. :)


    I would very much appreciate a hard copy to add to my collection.

    This is one of those books that you keep with yourself life long. If I forget, I can remind myself the words of wisdom spoken by industry's top notch.

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    Charles Zuniga



    Dark Complex

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